Do You Need Counselling?

If it feels like you're struggling to keep your head above water and that there is no one to confide in...

The pain of loss
Anyone who has experienced loss knows that grief comes in waves - one day seems a little better, and then suddenly you’re knocked off your feet again.

The range of emotions can be overwhelming

  • ANGER at the unfairness of what has happened
  • GUILT that you should have done more
  • CONFUSION over how those around you are (or aren’t) expressing their feelings
  • DEVASTATION at losing a loved one – or your dreams for the future
  • DEPRESSION feeling that things will never get better
  • FEAR that it will happen to you, or another member of the family
  • SHOCK at the diagnosis of a life-threatening condition

We can help

It can be an extremely painful and lonely place to be experiencing such feelings. It is helpful when you are dealing with such life changing and traumatic circumstances to talk things through with a professional counsellor.

Are you:

  • • Trying to come to terms with the Sudden Cardiac death of a loved one?
  • • Dealing with a recent diagnosis of a cardiac condition?
  • • A family member or close friend to one of the above?
Free counselling
If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you could greatly benefit from our professional, specialised counselling service. Our trained Psychotherapist is available to speak to you in complete confidence and free of charge.

Useful Links
BBS Logo
Bethany Bereavement Support is a voluntary community/parish based service which aims to help and support bereaved adults.Bethany members have themselves been bereaved and they have been trained to listen with understanding and empathy. They will accept you as you are and will support you for as long as is necessary.

Good Grief Logo
The Good Grief Trust exists to help all those affected by grief in the UK. Our vision is to find the bereaved, acknowledge their grief and provide reassurance, a virtual hand of friendship and ongoing support. Our central national database brings over 800 UK bereavement services together around the country, to ensure that everyone receives a choice of tailored support from day one. We are a solely voluntary charity, run by the bereaved, for the bereaved and aim to encourage talking about grief in a more honest, straightforward way, help to make the pain a little more bearable for those at the early stages and offer inspiration and hope to the bereaved to enable them to move forward with their lives. Our Good Grief card works along side the website, as a combined condolence and signposting resource, for both the bereaved and those working with them directly to a choice of support, for any bereavement, anywhere in the country. Our Good Grief Pop Up Cafes are being launched across the UK to bring communities together to share their grief and find new local friendships The Trust is Secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Bereavement Support, formed in 2017, working with Government and bringing all UK charities and individual affected by grief together. Our Facebook community is an interactive online support service - with an average of 100,000 reach every month.

Good Grief Logo
Cruse Bereavement Care is a UK charity providing support for children, young people and adults when someone they loved dies. For bereavement support we have 78 Area offices throughout the UK providing one to one and group support. Details at We have a Freephone Helpline on 0808 808 1677 – it is open every day from 9 to 5 and from 10 to 2 at weekends. CruseChat is available at from 9am - 9pm Monday - Friday. Information resources available at

Anam Cara Logo
Anam Cara
Anam Cara provides information, resources and support to bereaved parents throughout the 32 counties. Visit our website or call our information line on 085 2888 888

Jacinta Smile Logo
Jacinta's Smile
Jacinta`s Smile works with children and young adults that have lost a sibling above the age of 12 months. The organisation was founded by three sisters after suffering the loss of three siblings in both childhood and adulthood. We provide one to one subsidised therapy, bereavement workshops, creative zoom events and create awareness on the impacts of sibling grief. With the contact details as below.

CRY Charity: + 353 1 414 2235
CRY Helpline: 1800 714 080
Email: [email protected]

CRY has retained the services of specialised counsellors and has a trained family support group working with families and friends who have been affected by sudden cardiac death or living with cardiac conditions. This is a free counselling service offered by CRY.

CRY Team - Counsellors

Cathy Spillane M.A.

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Cathy is a Humanistic and Integrative psychotherapist. She received her qualifications from U.C.C. –A H-Dip in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy 1996, Part Time Honours B.A. Developmental and Abnormal Psychology 1997, M.A. Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy 1999. She is an accredited member of I.A.C.P. Cathy has worked as a therapist for 20 years, she works with individuals, couples, and families. Cathy’s work includes counselling for bereavement, stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, sexual and emotional abuse, addiction, and illness. Cathy has also trained in meditation and relaxation techniques. Cathy works privately from her home in Glenbrook Cork, in a calming atmosphere by the River Lee. Her approach is person- centred.

Lisa Gannon


Lisa has a B.A in Psychoanalysis and a Bsc in Counselling and Psychotherapy obtained from the University of Middlesex. Lisa carried out her training in Coolock Psychiatric day hospital. Lisa has trained in addiction therapy, person centred therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, grief therapy, family therapy and reality therapy. Lisa works in primary and post primary schools in North County Dublin and has a private practice which is operated from home. As a Psychotherapist, Lisa works with clients in a one to one capacity dealing with many varying issues, such as depression, anxiety issues, addiction, bereavement issues and issues as a consequence of abuse. She is a fully accredited member of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.


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