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About CRY

Our three objectives

To raise awareness of the condition known as Sudden Cardiac Death or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

To provide free counselling service and support for families and friends affected by sudden death or cardiac conditions

Continue fundraising and support for the CRYP Centre, which provides free heart screening for families and individuals




Work With US by helping & donating

We know how devastating it is when a young person dies - Help us prevent it happening

Thank you for the Days

“Thank you for the Days”; with our fantastic families behind the #SADS statistics really sums up what we do.
Credits: Tommy and Ruairi Fegan
#teamCry #OurFantasticFamilies


A Song For Cry Ireland

Forever Part Of Me


CRY DL Family Support 2020

Anyone who has experienced loss knows that grief comes in waves – one day seems a little better, and then suddenly you’re knocked off your feet again. The range of emotions can be all consuming.


If you are trying to come to terms with the sudden cardiac death of a loved one and you would like to speak to someone get in touch. We have trained Psychotherapists available to speak to you in complete confidence and free of charge.

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