About CRY

This film tells the story of CRY, why the charity was set up and the support it provides to our patients and families who have lost someone to sudden cardiac death. We hope that it will also explain how the cardiac screening process works for anyone who is anxious about undergoing this in the CRYP centre. We receive no direct government funding for providing this service and we hope this will encourage more people to donate to keep the centre running.

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Mission Statement

The CRY Charity has three main objectives in the work that we do:

  • To raise awareness of the condition known as Sudden Cardiac Death or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome through media campaigns and information meetings. This frequently involves presentations to sports clubs, schools, businesses and local community groups. (see more...)
  • To provide free counselling and support for families affected by sudden death or cardiac conditions. The CRY Charity has retained the services of a Psychotherapist Counsellor and a Genetic Counsellor. We also have five family support members based throughout Ireland who are available to support family members who are trying to cope with the sudden death of a young family or where a young family member is trying to come to terms with a diagnoses of a heart condition, as a result of heart screening which can have profound effects on that person’s lifestyle. These family support group members have all been trained and have experienced the consequences of a sudden death of a young family member. (see more...)
  • To support the Centre for Cardiovascular Risk in Younger Persons (CRYP), where families and individuals can be evaluated in a heart screening service in a timely and systematic fashion without financial cost. CRY is a partner in the CRYP Centre which is located at Tallaght Hospital. The other partners are St. James's Hospital, Dublin 8 and St. Vincent's University Hospital, Elm Park, Dublin 4. (see more...)


How are we funded?

All services provided by CRY Ireland are free. CRY is a self-supporting registered charity. It does not receive any Government funding and is consequently dependent on fund-raising activities and private donations. The bulk of the money we take in comes from the various fundraising events which you can see on the Fundraising section of the website.

Where do all monies raised go?

Raising Awareness

CRY uses some funding to raise awareness for SADS through various media campaigns. Representatives from CRY also hold information meetings, which often involves travelling to schools, colleges, sports clubs, businesses and community groups to speak about this.

Counselling Service

CRY provides a free counselling service.

CRYP Centre

The majority of the funds raised for CRY go into the Centre for Cardiovascular Risk in Younger Persons at Tallaght Hospital. The centre saw over 1500 patients in 2012.


The Charity currently employ one member of staff – Lucia Ebbs.    We also retain the services of two Psychotherapist Counsellors.  All other members of the team work as volunteers.

The CRY Team

Michael Greene
(Chairman and

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Marie Greene
(Co-Founder and Leader
of Family Support Group)

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Lucia Ebbs
(Business Operations Manager)


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Trustees and Committee Members


Michael Greene (Chairman of the Board)
Marie Greene
Don O’Brien (Secretary)
Dr. Deirdre Ward
Dr. Katie Gallagher
Fionnuala Kelly
Geraldine Carter
Eugene Farrell
David Greene
Walter Coakley
Deirdre Hanley
Liam Herlihy
Regina Power

Committee Members

General Fundraising Committee

Kate Farrell
Marie Greene
Michael Greene
Rosalyn O'Mahony
Geraldine Carter
Aveen Harkin

Patron of CRY

Jacqui Hurley

National CRY day Committee

Katie Gallagher
Joanne Bannon
Mairead Coyne
Shane Power
Declan O’Brien
David Greene