Waterford Country Fair

CRY would like to say a huge thank you to Jo Brehany and her committee who organised the very first Waterford Country Fair which took place last Sunday at Mount Congreve Gardens. CRY was so grateful to have been chosen as the charity partner. It was an amazing day and close to 9,000 people came through the gates. There was kids entertainment, pony club events, various food and craft stalls, a sheep herding competition along with an array of animals such as Lamas, Owls and horses. In addition to this there was a brass band and dancers just to name a few of the many activities that took place that day. CRY would also like to thank our many volunteers who helped us out that day- we greatly appreciate you giving up your Sunday. The sun was shining which created a fabulous atmosphere. Check out some of the pictures below which will give you an idea of what the day involved.




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