TWO sons TOO many

A memoir from Irishman Aidan McNally

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There have been numerous reasons to write the tale of an Irish boy as he grows and learns some hard lessons in life, to reform and conform lay foundations stronger than ever for life and the big bad world ahead. Aidan welcomes the birth of his first son and is as proud as any parent could ever be. In writing about his life Aidan does share with us some quite intimate moments in his life and definitely carries the reader along a path of many unbelievable travels.

A true story that all along keeps us reading to know more, what happens next sits forever to the fore of our mind as Aidan shows us how a carefree young man can and does live. His stories are so easy to read that the imagination feels we know him and how larger than life a man he has become. Twists and turns come across each of our paths in life and it remains beyond belief, the unimaginable and we learn how the life of the author, enters to the unforgettable realm.

The highs in the authors life are remarkable and as he so clearly states "Pay for the greatest highs in life through the deepest lows"
Can we understand as a reader? Provoking our thoughts and touching our emotions are a touch of an understatement. His inspiration to write is clearly from his life of loss and grief though he writes of life and ploughing forward always displaying a resilience many of us can only aspire to.

How do we really describe a book like this ? An inspiring rollercoaster of emotional depth that amazes. We say quite often so much can be lost through type and text, TOO sons TOO many, definitely brings the author's emotion directly into our own hearts, leaving us speechless though scaringly curious to will him forward while we want more and just are not sure can we handle it.

TWO sons TOO many is available on Amazon in paperback and for kindle download.

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CRY means to Aidan a group of hard-working people who wish to raise awareness for conditions in cardiac matters that may help save any parent loss such as is experienced when a parent loses their child to sudden death. Awareness is key and someday hopefully screening our youth will become government funded and a requirement to all youth. This could save lives and possibly a families grief.

Aidan Mc Nally shares his grief with us through his book TWO sons TOO many, which is now being made available to all who also wish to support CRY Ireland organisation by committing to a new donation to CRY from every sale of his memoir. A charitable contribution (percentage) of all sales of TWO sons TOO many from the Amazon family of websites. Beginning December 1st 2017 a portion of the authors royalties from book sales will be donated to CRY Ireland. Aidan hopes to ease those who suffer grief like he does by bringing them a story full of laughs, jokes and life where anyone may just find comfort with their own loss.

Aidan hopes to help in raising awareness for Cry Ireland and their efforts while raising funds so they can continue their great work.