Charity Race Day at Leopardstown

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Build A Beetle Workshop

Yesterday saw 26 teams come together in a great community effort and compete in Build a Beetle in memory of Aoife Ward in Moneystown Hall, Wicklow.

We had entries from Busy Beetles, Beetle Juice, The Capital Critters and the Feelers to name but a few but the winners on the day were the Wormy Windsors; Debbie, Eamonn, Maura and Owen Windsor.

BuildABeetleWinners News

Pictured also are Tracey and Edward and Olivia Ward - Aoife's best friend.


A huge thanks from Tracey and Edward and the extended family for their ongoing support - the whopping sum of €600 was raised - with much love and laughter, remembering Aoife.

So if you took part in one of the teams, helped set up the room, made tea & coffee and helped make the afternoon an outstanding success - thank you. Heartfelt thanks for the incredible donations.

From Cry a special shout out to Tracey for all her work in our name - please know your generosity allows us to do so much more.


Brian McKenna Completes First Marathon


Brian McKenna 2017 MarathonPictured recently in the Centre is Ciara Honner, Senior Cardiac Physiologist with Brian McKenna.
Brian undertook his first Marathon last October for Cry (the Dublin City Marathon) - completing in 4:25 and raising €856 for Cry - we're very proud to have Brian on #teamCry.
Fantastic fundraising - huge thanks to Brian's family, friends and colleagues who supported him in his first Marathon and donated so generously to Cry.

Thank you!

Marie Greene meets with the Maguire Family in Navan

23rd January 2018
Tuesday 23rd January 2018 saw Marie Greene travel to Navan to meet with Liz Maguire & Aidan Maguire and some of the extendedr family & friends. Liz and the family held their 5th Annual Coffee Morning in memory of their daughter Ruth on Saturday 21st October in Simonstown GFC and again the local community went above and beyond - despite dreadful weather they turned out in huge numbers and raised €4,045.00 in Ruth's memory on the day.

Heartfelt thanks from Cry to the local community of Simonstown and Navan for their continued support and generosity for Cry.
Special shoutout out to the following for their generous support & donations :- Sam McAuleys Chemist, Navan, Brena Coyne, the Principal & Staff of St. Oliver Plunkett NS,Peter & Ian Timmons - Meath Farm Machinery, the staff of St. Stephen's NS, Mr. Lydon, the staff & Parents of Scoil Naomh Eoin in Clonmagadden, Liam Curtis in Gleesons Butchers, Market Fresh in Navan Shoping Centre, the Staff in The Post Office in Mullaghboy Industrial Park, Gay & Liz in Royal Transport, Ashbourne, Jessica and David in Java Republic and Simonstown GFC for once again hosting the event and fantastic hospitality. If we've forgotten anyone - our apologies in advance.

Our thanks to Liz and Aidan and Luke for their support of our work while remembering their daughter and sister Ruth who died suddenly on the 15th of November 2011, aged 14.



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