Bernie and Fraser Peak at Kilimanjaro

Bernie Griffin and her partner, Fraser Donaldson, both teachers, decided to take on the challenge of climbing  after her nephew died suddenly of heart failure. This is no mean feat as it is 5895 meters and is the highest point in Africa. It can be reached without the need for any technical equipment but the oxygen level is 50% less that at sea level.

The climb took six days accompanied by a guide and on the 8th August the final climb was done through the night only walking five paces at a time and pausing to catch a breath. They reached the summit at 6.30 a.m. as the dawn broke with temperatures of -20 degrees. Only time for a quick photograph and soak in the fact that they had reached the top. When the going gets tough, Bernie stated, it was sponsorship and determination that got them to the top.

The photo was taken at Uhuru Point. From left: Bernie Griffin, Guide Assan and Fraser Donaldson.